Success looks different for everyone.

Your vision of success is unique to you. Your coaching experience should be custom tailored to your needs.

I offer customized coaching packages because it’s my strong belief that your individual needs determine your ideal coaching plan. I’ll even meet you wherever you are, digitally.

The first step to working with me is to schedule a free coaching discovery call. After our call, I’ll create a coaching plan to meet your needs.

Many of my custom coaching packages begin with my three part Success Accelerator:

During this first session, we will partner to give you clarity around your goals and vision for your career and personal achievements. We’ll also define your desired outcome from your coaching experience.

Your most innate talents will be revealed. I use the CliftonStrengths™ assessment to identify your unique combination of natural talents.

You’ll discover how you can dial your individual talents up and down as needed, which puts you in control of your talent working for you versus acting as a roadblock.

*We will accomplish this over 1-3 sessions.

Click here to see my personal talents and catch a glimpse of the three unique bonuses I create for all of my clients.

Discover 5-6 of your core value. Together we will explore how they both drive and trigger you. Mastering your awareness of your personal drivers and triggers gives you the confidence to live in alignment with your vision.

“Vivian is a great coach! She worked with me during a career transition. Her advice is always insightful and helped guide in the right direction. I would highly recommend Vivian for a coach!”

— Melissa M. Sr. Manager, National Health Care Benefits Provider

Once the Accelerator is complete, we’ll continue to work together through individual sessions. We’ll pause at the end of each increment for a Reflection Session. If you’ve reached the end of your coaching package, this will be our Celebration Point.

In our regular coaching sessions, I won’t be “fixing” you, or giving you assignments to work on between weeks. You have all the answers already, you just need to ask the right questions to reveal them.

My role is to ask the right questions… the questions you are unable to ask yourself.

During our sessions, you’ll be able to think – like a massage for your brain. You’ll step out of the grind of your daily tasks to perform important self-care for your mind. These sessions are how you will move more quickly toward your vision of success.

You’ll come prepared with a topic to work through, OR if you don’t have a topic, we’ll talk about what’s going on.

Either way, you’ll have a breakthrough.

Schedule your complimentary coaching discovery call with me today! I will create a customized coaching package for you.

“Vivian is an absolute Rockstar! She truly cares about the client and seeing them grow as an individual. She does not tell you what to think, but instead asks great questions that help you find the answers yourself. Anyone who has the ability to work with Vivian is very lucky”

— Brent J. Manager, Client Development, Regional Staffing and Recruiting Company


Each of us have a unique relationship to stress. Discover your personal stress profile with this amazing assessment and through coaching, what you specifically need to do Master The Stress in your life.


Along with my passion for coaching, talents, and professional experience, my coaching credentials and training are an asset to my practice.

In addition to my International Coach Federation (ICF) certification, I’ve studied Narrative Coaching a program that taught me to better understand my client’s internal narrative so I can empower them to choose better responses and outcomes.