Frequently Asked Questions

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I am not committed to one methodology. I adapt my approach to meet my client where they are. I have a large flexible toolkit of frameworks, tools, and resources that I use when needed for the client’s benefit. This allows me to serve my client in multiple ways.

Clients will be more successful if each session has a focus as well as a focus for the coaching engagement. We will work together to set a purpose for each engagement, each session and define measures of success for each engagement and each session.

I live and work in the US Central Time Zone

My official work hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
  • Saturdays, evening and early morning appointments available on request.

I never take on more clients than will allow me personal connection with you.

  • I respond to emails and text the same day, unless I’m unavailable
  • I will never ignore your email, text, or phone calls and will ask for and accept feedback from my clients on my impact as a coach
  • If I know I will be unavailable (vacation, offline, out of office etc.) during our contracted time together, I will communicate those times to you well in advance

I create and negotiate a custom contract/coaching agreement with each client. I will send you a contract to digitally sign our contract through the SignNow platform.

  • Clients receive an email from “” with my name and email in the subject line
  • SignNow will provide us both with copies of our signed contract

Once our Coaching Agreement/Contract is in place, you will be able to schedule your coaching sessions.

I use the scheduling platform Calendly to schedule coaching sessions and other meetings depending on our length of contract. I will email you a link to my coaching calendar for you to select and schedule your session.

Please note the following:

  • I appreciate any changes in your scheduled coaching session to be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • I reserve the right to charge you for a missed session.

I use Zoom to conduct my coaching sessions. I also offer phone, in person (Twin Cities area or if contract includes travel). The link will automatically set up a video session using Zoom, but we can discuss meeting in person or by phone as well. Zoom is free to use.

If you use a desktop or laptop, you will be able to access our session through your browser with a link I provide you. If you use a tablet or your phone for our Zoom calls, you’ll first need to download the Zoom app in order to utilize our session link.

I use a third-party processing provider to invoice, collect payment, and issue receipt of payment.

You may pay for services rendered in check, or by credit card. When paying by credit card, the charge will be shown as “Be Coached LLC Eden Prairie, MN.” on your credit card statement.

  • You are financially responsible for all purchases made by you or a third-party acting on your behalf.
  • I offer coaching packages that are payable by package unless negotiated otherwise.
  • The agreed upon payment plan will be outlined in our contract.

Our sessions are confidential.

If your company / organization is providing coaching for you, I will not provide or discuss our coaching sessions with HR, your boss, or other stakeholders without a previous agreement to do so by all parties. If asked, my practice is to provide general information around whether you’re showing up to sessions and fully doing the self-work involved.

I only use assessment in coaching if we agree that the data will unlock an insight for you. I am certified in the assessment listed below.

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