Hello, I’m Vivian …

I’m a trained, certified, and experienced executive coach.

I founded Vivian Rank Coaching in 2016 with the mission to help you achieve your version of success, through your vision, by customizing a coaching experience to get you there faster.

When I got my first corporate job with a Fortune 100 company, I was thrilled, motivated and ready to “climb the ladder.”

But, I quickly learned that it was not as easy as just keeping my head down, working hard, getting results, and waiting for someone to notice.

Demands including bosses, coworkers, conflict, change, accountability, competition, raising kids, relocation, toxic work environment, were often tricky to navigate and often put me into chronic stress.

I thought that all of the demands and the resulting stress was just something that I had to survive.

I didn’t see the role my own habits, personal triggers, and assumptions had on my ability to succeed. And, when given feedback, I certainly didn’t accept it.

I robbed myself of achieving my vision of success.

Corporate Leadership Development resources are not enough …

And I should know. I created and delivered many leadership development courses myself as a Talent Development Professional!

I read books on leadership. I went to women’s conferences and summits. I had mentors. 

But none of this served me in critical moments when I had to deal with difficult people and situations, conflict, crazy team dynamics, work/life balance, and stress.

You may recognize this as daily life in corporate America…

Following the nice process laid out in that leadership binder on your shelf doesn’t work in real life.

Here’s what does work.


It wasn’t until I worked with a coach that the light bulbs turned on for me.

My coach gave me feedback on my behaviors in the moment, called me out on my assumptions, guided me to identify what drives and triggers me, and challenged me to make some changes.

With the guidance and support of my coach, I got there myself.

And, I want the same outcome for you!

Through coaching with me, you’ll gain the skills to redirect yourself back to your path. By becoming aware of what drives and triggers you, you’ll respond to tricky situations more effectively. Discovering and leveraging your talents will help you gain confidence by understanding your leadership voice.

Could you get these results on your own?


Of course, you have the capability to do this work yourself… But Coaching will help you accelerate your success.

My coaching approach is based on Positive Psychology which is about what is Right with the person versus what is Wrong. I approach each client Fully and Completely believing that they know what they need to do more of and with the help of the coaching process, will get there themselves.
No one wants to be told what to do.

Our brains like our own ideas the best.

From My Clients…