Client Results

"Working with Vivian was a pleasure! She was a great partner as we prepared, clearly invested in understanding each team member and making it a great experience. The session was fantastic and everyone was engaged and energized."

Andrea C., Madison, WI | Director

Leading Insurance, Financial Services and Technology Company

"Having Vivian walk me through the results of my talent strengths assessment was really valuable! I gained insight into myself and discovered things about me that I always knew existed but never saw them truly as a tool I could wield for my success at work, as a wife, and as a mother. I was blown away with what was discovered! Highly recommended service!"

Kari L., Minneapolis, MN | Director

eCommerce Retail Brand Holding Company

"Vivian is an incredibly gifted coach. She is thoughtful, warm, encouraging and empowering. Her understanding of using strengths as an asset both, personally and professionally, is exceptional - she is a "secret weapon coach" and I highly recommend her!"

Katrina L., Brooklyn, NY

Small Business Owner

"Vivian is an absolute Rockstar! She truly cares about the client and seeing them grow as an individual. She does not tell you what to think, but instead asks great questions that help you find the answers yourself. Anyone who has the ability to work with Vivian is very lucky."

B. Johnson, Minneapolis, MN | Manager, Client Development

Regional Staffing and Recruiting Company

"Vivian was a pleasure to work with! When we began working together, I knew my 'empathy' strength was dialed way too high which was causing me to lose business. While working with Vivian I learned to channel that strength into something non-business related, learned to say no when I wanted to, and my revenue is on trend to beat last years by 28%! I can't recommend Vivian enough!"

Danielle A., Minneapolis, MN | Owner

Graphic Design Firm

"Vivian took me thru a journey of coaching that allowed me to look deeper into my desire to advance in my career, while also helping me work thru the fears associated with change."

Angie D., Minneapolis, MN | Executive Director

National Non-Profit Organization

"I was fortunate enough to experience Vivian’s professional coaching firsthand. She worked with me over a series of sessions to identify and maximize my natural talents. I regularly revisit and apply what I learned even months and years later. I continue to benefit greatly from Vivian’s positive approach and enthusiasm for helping me improve my professional life."

Amy H. | Sr. Manager

Fortune 500 Not-For-Profit Financial Services Organization | Minneapolis, MN

"Vivian is a great coach! She worked with me during a career transition. Her advise was always insightful and helped guide in the right direction. I would highly recommend Vivian for a coach!"

Melissa M., Minneapolis, MN | Sr. Manager

National Health Care Benefits Provider

"Vivian is a great coach! She worked with me during a career transition. Her advise was always insightful and helped guide in the right direction. I would highly recommend Vivian for a coach!"

Gloria A. | Sr. Manager

National Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Provider | Salt Lake City, UT

"I was fortunate to have Vivian coach me... She provided valuable feedback, perspective and advice during a challenging point in my career. I discovered different tools and techniques to plow down roadblocks, and learned to lean on my strengths to solve difficult problems. The experience was invaluable!"

Jessica L. Minneapolis, MN | VP, Real Estate and Development

National Wholesale Food Distributor

"Through Vivian's coaching, I was able to transition to a career I'm passionate about. Vivian asked the hard questions and challenged me to really think about why I wasn't doing what I really love. Often times, there is a mind block, or a set way of thinking, causing us to carry out our day-to-day activities without feeling fulfilled. I believe we each have a purpose in life and coaching can bring out your ultimate purpose where you're excited to face each day and step out of the day-to-day routine. I will forever be grateful to Vivian's coaching and challenging my mind set. It's true: Be Coached, Be Challenged, Be Changed. I'm forever changed! Thank you Vivian!"

Tammy K. Minneapolis, MN | Award-Winning Realtor

"Vivian has that rare combination of real-world business experience and deep connection to her clients as individuals. She is full of optimism PLUS realism - which I love. While she challenges me to see and make choices, she always leaves me feeling capable. I am a better business leader for having worked with Vivian."

Flora D. Minneapolis, MN | Author

Owner, Retail Consulting Firm

"Vivian took time to really engage with me on what mattered most to me during our time together. Once she knew my goals, she didn't hesitate to challenge me and drive accountability to help me think and act differently. Working with Vivian has helped me be more accepting of my "humanness" as a leader and made me realize that I do not need to aim for perfection in leadership - I just need to "be me" and lead."

Anita M. Minneapolis, MN | Sr. Director

eCommerce Retail Brand Holding Company

"I felt a real sense of enlightenment as we dug into my five top traits and if you will, liberation from the perspective of who I am. Vivian's coaching style is very welcoming and approachable. She uses her innate gifts and abilities to connect with others and with me!"

Linda D. | Sr. Manager

Leading Insurance, Financial and Technology Company

"Having Vivian walk me through the results of my talent strengths assessment was really valuable! I gained insight into myself and discovered things about me that I always knew existed but never saw them truly as a tool I could wield for my success at work, as a wife, and as a mother. I was blown away with what was discovered!"

Katie L.

"Vivian is simply a fantastic coach. Vivian facilitated a 6 week group executive coaching session that I was involved in. Throughout the experience we were challenged, encouraged and provided a safe space for us all to share our experiences, views and grapple with the thought provoking material that Vivian expertly took us through. I found Vivian to have an innate ability to connect with the group and encourage the quieter members of the group to contribute whilst gently helping the louder members (like me!) not to dominate the sessions. I was able to immediately apply a number of the techniques Vivian took us through, in both my personal and professional life."

Mungo M. | Commercial Director

Global Marketing Research Firm

"Vivian is a remarkable insightful and gifted professional coach. During my time working with Vivian, she helped me quickly determine areas for growth and opportunity – and challenged some of my perception in a way that provided great clarity. Because of her deep experience there really is not a challenge or circumstance that she has not seen and helped solve. Perhaps most important, Vivian really cares about her clients in a way that is authentic and empowering. The result: she really inspires and guides you to be your very best - however you define it. If you are looking for a professional coach – look no further!"

Colleen N. | Senior Strategist

Global Marketing and Event Agency

"Through our coaching sessions, Vivian Rank pointed out the times I’d dig in, I’d shrink down and the times my eyes would light up--All important cues to where I was limiting myself or areas I should explore further. This isn’t a passive relationship—she will push you, give you homework, and make you explore uncomfortable spaces. She will then practically jump out of her chair with excitement when you have an ah-hah moment. If you’re looking for someone to help you focus on a goal, Vivian is a great partner and advocate! I truly value the time I’ve spent with her."

Lauren H. | AVP Merchandising and Private Label Brands

"Vivian is a high quality professional with natural curiosity and great positive energy. She helped me see beyond just the surface level of labels and descriptions of strengths finder. We engaged in a deep dive conversation about the meaning of each strength and how I can begin to live from a place of strength. I really appreciate the time and insights she provided."

Lilian V., Minneapolis, MN | Sr Director, Ed.D

Fortune 100 Company

"I completed a strengths-based coaching session with Vivian prior to starting my first consulting engagement. Vivian really helped me explore the transition from employee to consultant and how I could leverage my different strengths in this new role. Through our conversations my mindset evolved and my confidence increased as I approached this career shift. I am happy to share my consulting engagement is off to a great start and I apply what I learned with Vivian daily. Vivian really helped me during this important transition and I highly recommend working with her!"

Tracy S., Minneapolis, MN | SVP, Consultant

National Non-Profit Organization

"Vivian was a fantastic Executive Coach for me. She met me where I was and listened to my aspirations with patience and a keen ear. She encouraged and challenged me to take ownership of my feelings. Which, in turn, empowered me to seek what I truly aspired to do."

Dina H., San Diego, CA.

Organizational Development for Higher Learning Institution

"Vivian celebrates the strengths and gifts of her clients using the Strengths Finder Assessment. She truly celebrates and is a cheerleader for the unique talents that make you who you are. With these coaching sessions, I have come to fully appreciate who I am - gifts, strengths - something that I used to brush off. And I know I'm on the right path towards making a difference using those talents. I'd highly recommend using Vivian to help you understand your potential and move towards becoming the most fabulous and natural version of you!"

Audrey W., Chicago, IL | Owner

Property Rental Firm

"Vivian was excellent to work with. The sessions I have had with her had really brought home some a-ha moments, and started an avalanche of events in my personal and professional life. I cannot wait to see, how my new-found super-powers unfold in my professional and personal life. She has been very helpful with suggestions in other areas of my life, and asking some thought-provoking questions. Highly recommend!"

Sona L. | Fargo, ND

Small Business Owner

"Vivian brings an honest curiosity to strengths coaching. She drives you to look beyond the initial results to understand the underlying meaning and your reactions. Applying the Strengths Finder concepts to my team has improved the self-awareness of individual team members and the situational awareness of team members. I have found this to be a powerful method for self-awareness and into how I can best interact with my team members."

Angelica K., Minneapolis, MN | Sr, Director

National Wholesale Food Distributor